25 August 2014

New Studio: Interim Desk

I had this huge impressive plan to get my studio in shape and share the whole process over a few posts. Having recently moved states, the studio has been a disaster of stacked boxes since the move at the end of June.

Step one was going to be build a wall-to-wall desk on the far wall of the living room for our computers so I could reclaim my studio desk which is acting as interim computer desk. Then life happened. The water heater died and all our money went not to replacing the water heater (it was covered under our home warranty), but to plumbing upgrades needed for the new water heater to make everything up-to-code. No money = no studio desk....or does it? Being pretty down about lack of funds to get the studio in order, I turned to Craigslist in hopes to find free or cheap desk or table. While I couldn't find anything for free I did find a couple tables for $10-20 dollars that could work temporarily. My thought was to buy something that worked for now and ditch it when I saved up the money to build the desk for the living room so I could reclaim my studio desk. I recently read an article/blogpost about living on less and the last woman's advice really reminded how I should be making our pennies count: Get creative and fix everything! There is great pride in that. The same woman also reminded me of the simple fact, "Never use money you don’t have". Those ideas floating in my head forced me to get up and try to make my studio work for me without spending any money. When we moved I was forced to leave almost all my scrap wood behind and I didn't think I would be able to do much of anything with the space, but I was so pleasantly wrong.

After several hours of organizing it now looks more or less like a studio in at least one corner while the rest of the room still looks like a storage unit.Yes those are stacked plastic totes with random pieces of plywood acting as my glorious desk. I never thought I would be so happy to have such a shady looking set up, but I'm loving it. I still have to get creative in taming the rest of the room, but I'm happily pleased with the baby steps that are taking place so far.

My ability to turn the studio into something cozy and functional after being sure it was hopeless reminds me of exactly how I feel before I start a new piece that I know is out of my comfort zone. I always hem and haw, drag my feet and procrastinate. BUT as soon as I dig in and start the actual piece everything almost always falls into place by the end and I wonder why I took so long to start in the first place.

My first morning after getting my "desk" set up I gathered breakfast and hunkered down in my studio and it felt so very good. First breakfast in the new space: priceless.

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