22 November 2013

It's About to Get Real

It’s announcement/accountability time! The past several weeks I have been secretly plotting and now it the time for an announcement of intent. I am going to be christening my etsy shop with wares in time for the holiday hustle.

The storefront will be officially open and stocked Monday, December 2nd. That gives anyone in the US (international order not yet available) until December 18th to ensure purchases arrive in time for Christmas. I’m starting off with a couple of low-cost prints and a few completely-new-surprise products that will make perfect gifts for the holidays. The two prints will be 9x12s of the watercolor paintings ‘A Good Idea’ (first image) and ‘Catch Hope’ (second image).

As for the completely new products well…that will be a surprise. I’m working on the finishing touches and will hopefully share some sneak peeks mid next week. For now I will leave you with this partial quote as a vague clue, “.. riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”.

Wishing you all greatness.

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