09 February 2013

Unspoken January Theme

One month down and only 11 more to go. At the beginning of the year I wrote about my focus to find balance in 2013. Looking back, the month of January was a month of focusing on health. I splurged at the beginning of the month and bought a juicer which I used piously every morning for more than two weeks. Now I used it several times a week, but I don't get bent out of shape if I miss a day. I also stopped eating dairy as part of an experiment at the beginning of the month. I switched over to almond milk which isn't too bad in cereal and with the help of my charming man I trying out different non-dairy cheeses. Turns out having non-dairy, non-melting, fake cheese is WAY better than nothing at all so I'm content. Then quite recently, I splurged again and got a treadmill. I broke the beauty in today and dubbed her Millie. Silly, I know, but I couldn't stop myself. End of month conclusion: While I haven't reached all my health goals, I'm plodding along in the general direction I want and I will continue.

Reviewing the progress I've made in January and it's unspoken theme of health encourages me to apply a spoken theme to February. After a bit of hemming and hawing between art and house I've settled on house. That's not to say no art will be done during the whole month of February, it's just to say art will not be my main focus. In fact I spent the better part of the evening working on something new and I have proof in the form of an in progress sneak peek. SEE!

More to come on that early next week. Now back to the theme for this month. The scale tipping fact for focusing on house was my studio desk which is once again buried. Less than a month after cleaning the darn thing off, it's buried under a three foot stalk of magazines, shoe boxes, a turtle light, mail, bills, 6 pillar candle holders, an array of miscellaneous  light bulbs, and the list goes on. This isn't the only surface in the house which has been buried, its just the worst. The dining table, the kitchen counter, the wardrobe, and side tables all have piles of homeless/misplaced things. Clean house = breathing room = clear mind = art. Right? Right.

Here's to a month of organizing, cleaning, de-cluttering, reducing, and completing pre-existing in-progress projects. May my list of in-progress projects be whittled down to 1 or 2 instead of well over 10. Yikes.

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