05 January 2013

Cleaning the cobwebs

Updating and cleaning. That's what I'm up to today. Not very glam, but in the lazy hazy of 2012 I lost top billing on internet searches. Gasp. So time to clean out the cobwebs and spruce things up. If not with shiny new art then let it be with a shiny, new google account and a glossy, new blog skin and maybe even a brand-spanking-new web design. ...Ok, well maybe the last one is getting a little ahead of myself. Baby steps.

Still need to snap a image for the header and snap some photos of studio for the studio tour page now located in the right panel.

I took the below photo over the summer while driving. Perhaps not my best idea, but I love the white factory smoke billowing straight up over the tree line.

Oh to be summer again.

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