01 January 2013

2013: A year of big things and balance

Hello 2013. Year of the snake. Not my Chinese zodiac, but here's hoping it's my year. 2012 - you were absolutely great, but like many years before you I missed the boat on a lot of things I wish I hadn't. No pressure, but 2013, you're going to be the year of big things and balance. My sole goal is to find balance. Balance with health, art, life and the chaotic space I call a home.

I did two things today to start the year out on a balanced foot. I ordered a juicer and I cleared out my studio. Everything that was junking up the studio is now junking up the porch which is a useless space until summer. My desk is cleared off. My easel is unburied. ALL my art supplies are all stored in places I can find and access with ease in a single room. It's all just crazy enough to work.

Speaking of desk.... I like to build shit. ALL THE TIME. A decent chunk of 2012 went towards building this that and the other thing for the house. It's a cozy fit in this palace of mine and to get something that works well in any given area usually involved building it yourself. Who am I to say no to using power tools? That said I built a new desk. I let my old one get hijacked by an adorable man, who lets me call him husband (like I said 2012, was brilliant).
photo taken circa fall 2012
I love warm wood and industrial pipe. There was much trial and error to get the piping just right which was a huge pain in the arse, but worth ever minute. Of course I can say that now because I've all be forgotten the pain much like I hope birthing a child will be. In the future I would love to switch the top out for something chunkier. Maybe a whole 2" instead of the unimpressive 3/4" it is now.

With 2013 being the year of balance I believe a little balance on the blog would be good too. A) While regularity has never been my strongest point, I plan on showing up here more than never. B) I hope to expand the diversity of my content. I want to take time to share things, images, and artists that inspire me as I trip across them. I already have two artist's that I'm secretly stalking and excited to share. C) I intent to share photos of my studio on a regular basis. I am absolutely fascinated by artist's studio spaces. I drool and gawk every time I find one online. I'm memorized by seeming the spaces in their natural state with current work being done. Perhaps Monday mornings will become "studio shot" mornings. Who doesn't need a stiff one on a Monday morning?

...Good thing tomorrow isn't Monday, but just because I'm on a roll here is a freshly snapped photo of the top my desk. Pile of kleenex and all. No art to be seen, but hey baby steps.

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