16 January 2013

Studio Shot

Well it's not Monday and it's not the morning, but here are some shots of my studio without any prepping, yellow dog toy on the floor and all. Th pup was being lazy in my bed or she probably would have make it into some shots. Perhaps next time.

Not much happening on paper right now mostly just idea swirling in my head. Did a couple sketches which show up at the end of this collection.

05 January 2013

Cleaning the cobwebs

Updating and cleaning. That's what I'm up to today. Not very glam, but in the lazy hazy of 2012 I lost top billing on internet searches. Gasp. So time to clean out the cobwebs and spruce things up. If not with shiny new art then let it be with a shiny, new google account and a glossy, new blog skin and maybe even a brand-spanking-new web design. ...Ok, well maybe the last one is getting a little ahead of myself. Baby steps.

Still need to snap a image for the header and snap some photos of studio for the studio tour page now located in the right panel.

I took the below photo over the summer while driving. Perhaps not my best idea, but I love the white factory smoke billowing straight up over the tree line.

Oh to be summer again.

01 January 2013

2013: A year of big things and balance

Hello 2013. Year of the snake. Not my Chinese zodiac, but here's hoping it's my year. 2012 - you were absolutely great, but like many years before you I missed the boat on a lot of things I wish I hadn't. No pressure, but 2013, you're going to be the year of big things and balance. My sole goal is to find balance. Balance with health, art, life and the chaotic space I call a home.

I did two things today to start the year out on a balanced foot. I ordered a juicer and I cleared out my studio. Everything that was junking up the studio is now junking up the porch which is a useless space until summer. My desk is cleared off. My easel is unburied. ALL my art supplies are all stored in places I can find and access with ease in a single room. It's all just crazy enough to work.

Speaking of desk.... I like to build shit. ALL THE TIME. A decent chunk of 2012 went towards building this that and the other thing for the house. It's a cozy fit in this palace of mine and to get something that works well in any given area usually involved building it yourself. Who am I to say no to using power tools? That said I built a new desk. I let my old one get hijacked by an adorable man, who lets me call him husband (like I said 2012, was brilliant).
photo taken circa fall 2012
I love warm wood and industrial pipe. There was much trial and error to get the piping just right which was a huge pain in the arse, but worth ever minute. Of course I can say that now because I've all be forgotten the pain much like I hope birthing a child will be. In the future I would love to switch the top out for something chunkier. Maybe a whole 2" instead of the unimpressive 3/4" it is now.

With 2013 being the year of balance I believe a little balance on the blog would be good too. A) While regularity has never been my strongest point, I plan on showing up here more than never. B) I hope to expand the diversity of my content. I want to take time to share things, images, and artists that inspire me as I trip across them. I already have two artist's that I'm secretly stalking and excited to share. C) I intent to share photos of my studio on a regular basis. I am absolutely fascinated by artist's studio spaces. I drool and gawk every time I find one online. I'm memorized by seeming the spaces in their natural state with current work being done. Perhaps Monday mornings will become "studio shot" mornings. Who doesn't need a stiff one on a Monday morning?

...Good thing tomorrow isn't Monday, but just because I'm on a roll here is a freshly snapped photo of the top my desk. Pile of kleenex and all. No art to be seen, but hey baby steps.