13 December 2011

Holy IAMFest 2

IAMFest Part Two:
there were a couple things i forgot about painting live on stage and a couple things i learned about painting on a glass window this year. here are a few of the amazing people i worked with and met this year:

Josh Keleher. Photographer. https://www.facebook.com/ANew.View.Photography
Josh was my partner in crime so to speak for this event. i had the pleasure of selecting his photograph of an old homeless woman and developing the right side of her face on an old window frame.

Seana Higgins. Artist. http://seanahiggins.com/
Seana Higgins extraordinaire is a ceramic artist and had a fancy display of her art at IAMFest. Seana (pronounced SHAWN-ah) might not know this, but she is now my favorite art buddy in chicago and we're going to be the best of friends.

Sarah Scott. Photographer. http://sarahscottphotography.com/
Sarah, like me, has been involved in all three IAMFests. she took fantastic photos of events on stage this year which can be seen on Sarah Scott's flickr account. one such photo was the beginning of the painting i did on stage.

lesson #3: constantly changing stage lighting severely messes your view of the color palette while painting. one minute everything looks green and next second magenta and then you can't see a darn thing for several moments because they turned the lights down just as you where working on some intricate section. next time i would work with a well defined color palette...most likely a monochromatic palette.

((photo taken by Sarah Scott http://www.flickr.com/photos/elboroom/6114581571/in/set-72157627471868643))

lesson #4: when working on glass the brushes you use greatly matter. last year i worked on a large canvas and i grabbed my less than prefect brushes incase they got lost in the shuffle of the fest. this year having the same thought i did the same thing. oops. painting on glass with acrylic using low quality bristle brushes is not forgiving at all. i ended up having to re-imagine the painting while on stage because i didn't have control to do any details or line work.

and here is the final.
((photo taken by Seana Higgins))

still to come...
• my first recorded interview

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