25 August 2011

IAMFest 2011

IAMFest 2011 is here and once again i'm excited to be involved as an artist. this will be my third year at the fest and i'm pumped to be painting live on stage. in fact i'm ridiculously excited to be ONLY painting on stage. no making up a table for this woman this year, WOO! my table skills are quite poor and i'm more than ok with that.

the folks doing the fest were awesome enough to give each artist their very own page! check out my page: http://abvstreetteam.com/iamfest/gabrielle-lizette-dubois/

What: IAMFest 2011
When: Sat, Aug 27, 2011
Where: House of Blues in Chicago
Who: All ages
Why: Showcasing collaboration between local bands, artists, photographers, and filmographers (?)

so there is good news and bad news all rolled up into one.....

yep thats right the fest is more or less sold out. they are selling more tickets, but if the place is full you wont be able to enter until someone leaves because they can't go above capacity. crazy, huh? so if you still want in there is hope yet. check out the main website for more info: http://iamfest.com/

a little more about my roll quick and then i'm done. currently word is i will be painting live on stage with KELSEY MONTANEZ at 5:30-6:00pm (times and band might yet change). i have been paired with the wonderful photographer and friend, Josh Keleher. i will be painting on a window which has adhered to it the image of half of a face photographed by Josh. may sounds confusing, but all will be made clear with photos i'll post after the event. and speaking of "photos" i will end with an image of a general postcard i've just created to be used for this event and others in the future.

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