23 May 2011

from many to one

i had every intention of uploading every single page from the sketchbooks which haven't made it online yet.... i even took photos of each and every page....but then when it came time to look through them, edit them, post them....well i'm just not feeling it. either it's because i'm being too critical of the sketches or they are just too personal, either way it's just not going to happen. sorry. i managed to not delete them all so i have one to post. pictures of clean studio and progress ofart work to follow in time.

working on my postcards for solo show in july. i should have those to show off in a week or so as well. :smiles:

17 May 2011

back in business

so much to update and so little time. i'm going to stretch the updates over the next week to cut down on the length of this post. over the last almost two months my sketchbooks have gotten the only attention i could spare it it wasn't much sadly. but i'm pleased to announce that in july i have a show booked. exact date has yet to be picked, but i'm already working on the line up. this will be the biggest show for me to date with the most new pieces. i estimate anywhere from 5 to 10 new pieces. i'm ridiculously excited to say the least.

on the other hand, what i'm not excited about is the current state of my studio...

:sighs: the poor thing has been collecting dust and clutter for over a month. in the next several days i'll have to bite the bullet and reorganize the whole thing.

once my studio is back in shape i'll be able to work on pieces concurrently. now all i have to do is find a bunch of old dictionaries....

next post will be pages from my sketchbooks: eehru and aiko.

05 May 2011

Contined MIA Status

fyi, i will continue to be missing in action until after the 16th of May at which time i will be back to my old antics of picture taking of art making. until then i will leave you with this video in my absence which shade light on my own pup when she was young and just made me roll with laughter: