26 January 2011


just finished watching the "Exit Through the Gift Shop" documentary (http://www.juxtapoz.com/Current/film-of-2010-part-1exit-through-the-gift-shop) and i'm more than speechless. talk about a mind fuck. the movie is very simple and harmless seeming at first, but by the end you're left on your head not entirely sure how on earth you got there. how did things get this far? i will be chewing on this movie for days; it has made me question what i do, why i do it and more importantly how i do it.

sleep is going to be interesting to say the least.

20 January 2011

'Contours' @ Cooper's on Belmont

last week i hung four brand new pieces at Cooper's on Belmont. sadly i wasn't able to get any good photos of the pieces because of the weather (i normally take the pieces outside to photograph to insure the best possible lighting), but I did manage to get one photo. one of the four pieces had to wait until the next day to be hung because a hook on the wall was missing. as soon as the weather clears up and it's drier out i'll take individual photos of each piece.

i even remembered to sign the front of each piece which is a rarity.

currently i'm working on some commission pieces so as soon as they're done and the clients are happy i'll post photos.