17 December 2011

Holy IAMFest 3

my first recorded interview. i don't even have the guts to watch the whole thing. shame on me, but hey you can.

In case you're curious here are some links to past posts about IAMFest:

13 December 2011

Holy IAMFest 2

IAMFest Part Two:
there were a couple things i forgot about painting live on stage and a couple things i learned about painting on a glass window this year. here are a few of the amazing people i worked with and met this year:

Josh Keleher. Photographer. https://www.facebook.com/ANew.View.Photography
Josh was my partner in crime so to speak for this event. i had the pleasure of selecting his photograph of an old homeless woman and developing the right side of her face on an old window frame.

Seana Higgins. Artist. http://seanahiggins.com/
Seana Higgins extraordinaire is a ceramic artist and had a fancy display of her art at IAMFest. Seana (pronounced SHAWN-ah) might not know this, but she is now my favorite art buddy in chicago and we're going to be the best of friends.

Sarah Scott. Photographer. http://sarahscottphotography.com/
Sarah, like me, has been involved in all three IAMFests. she took fantastic photos of events on stage this year which can be seen on Sarah Scott's flickr account. one such photo was the beginning of the painting i did on stage.

lesson #3: constantly changing stage lighting severely messes your view of the color palette while painting. one minute everything looks green and next second magenta and then you can't see a darn thing for several moments because they turned the lights down just as you where working on some intricate section. next time i would work with a well defined color palette...most likely a monochromatic palette.

((photo taken by Sarah Scott http://www.flickr.com/photos/elboroom/6114581571/in/set-72157627471868643))

lesson #4: when working on glass the brushes you use greatly matter. last year i worked on a large canvas and i grabbed my less than prefect brushes incase they got lost in the shuffle of the fest. this year having the same thought i did the same thing. oops. painting on glass with acrylic using low quality bristle brushes is not forgiving at all. i ended up having to re-imagine the painting while on stage because i didn't have control to do any details or line work.

and here is the final.
((photo taken by Seana Higgins))

still to come...
• my first recorded interview

08 December 2011

Holy IAMFest

IAMFest Part One:

i had a fantastic time. i meet a ton of cool people. and i didn't take a single photo....arg. lesson learned. actually many lessons learned just like last year's IAMFest, but this year i'm going to share them all.

lesson #1: if you promise to have pictures to show from an event you have to take them....yourself....carrying around a camera on top of all my painting supplies not a fun idea, but next time i'm sucking it up.

like the two years before at the start of the fest before the doors open they usher everyone up on stage for a group photo. I alway like this even though I have a terrible track record of ever being able to find/see myself in the photo, BUT this year i'm so there. can you find me?

((photo taken from IAMFest.com))

nope? well neither could i right away. not to worry let me help out. circled in red, way in the back, thats me. well thats my arms at least. 

lesson #2: no matter how tall you think you are standing in the back will not get you noticed or seen....in a photo and especially if they decide that its a good idea to have a crowed stage of people all jump at the same time. next time plant your ass on the floor infront of everyone.

more posts to come through out the next weeks about IAMFest2011 including introductions to a couple awesome people i meet, the painting i produced while there, and my first recorded interview (i still haven't watched it all so here's hoping i don't embarrass myself).

in other news, i'm wrapping up a huge hand full of paintings this month which i've been working on since september. about 7-8 brand new paintings which aren't really like any paintings i've done before. nervous and excited.

25 August 2011

IAMFest 2011

IAMFest 2011 is here and once again i'm excited to be involved as an artist. this will be my third year at the fest and i'm pumped to be painting live on stage. in fact i'm ridiculously excited to be ONLY painting on stage. no making up a table for this woman this year, WOO! my table skills are quite poor and i'm more than ok with that.

the folks doing the fest were awesome enough to give each artist their very own page! check out my page: http://abvstreetteam.com/iamfest/gabrielle-lizette-dubois/

What: IAMFest 2011
When: Sat, Aug 27, 2011
Where: House of Blues in Chicago
Who: All ages
Why: Showcasing collaboration between local bands, artists, photographers, and filmographers (?)

so there is good news and bad news all rolled up into one.....

yep thats right the fest is more or less sold out. they are selling more tickets, but if the place is full you wont be able to enter until someone leaves because they can't go above capacity. crazy, huh? so if you still want in there is hope yet. check out the main website for more info: http://iamfest.com/

a little more about my roll quick and then i'm done. currently word is i will be painting live on stage with KELSEY MONTANEZ at 5:30-6:00pm (times and band might yet change). i have been paired with the wonderful photographer and friend, Josh Keleher. i will be painting on a window which has adhered to it the image of half of a face photographed by Josh. may sounds confusing, but all will be made clear with photos i'll post after the event. and speaking of "photos" i will end with an image of a general postcard i've just created to be used for this event and others in the future.

RockIsland Show Overview

another show down and one more to go before wrapping up for the summer season. more information on my involvement in IAMFest again this year at the House of Blues in Chicago to follow.

RockIsland while one of my more rockier shows (lame pun, but i'm still giggling on the inside, must be the old age starting to creep in) in terms of organization did showcase new work which will now be unveiled on the intertubes. so without further ado please welcome my new pieces:

"Her Way". Acrylic on canvas, 36" x 24". ©2011 Gabrielle Lizette DuBois.

[currently missing image. sorry]
"Look Over There". Acrylic on canvas, 36" x 24". ©2011 Gabrielle Lizette DuBois.

"All In The Hips". Ink on book page, -" x -". ©2011 Gabrielle Lizette DuBois.

"It All Matters". Ink on book page, -" x -". ©2011 Gabrielle Lizette DuBois.

[currently missing image. sorry]
"With". Watercolor on illustration board, 5 x 10 inches. ©2011 Gabrielle Lizette DuBois.

the rest of the show was filled in with oldies, but goodies from my "vault". i will be updating my website with these new pieces before saturday because next on the dock, as mentioned before, is IAMFest where i will be painting live on stage again this year. i have postcard images and details to follow later today.

20 June 2011

'A Bit of This, a Bit of That' @ Rocklsland

the official postcard for my solo show! i'm so excited and i'm trying to get and keep my ducks in a row on this. as they say 'go big or go home'....i have no plans to go home.

the show opens July 3rd and i will have a mixture of existing pieces and brand new pieces. as it stands right now i'll have around 5 new pieces, but we'll see if i can squeeze in a couple more :big smile:



23 May 2011

from many to one

i had every intention of uploading every single page from the sketchbooks which haven't made it online yet.... i even took photos of each and every page....but then when it came time to look through them, edit them, post them....well i'm just not feeling it. either it's because i'm being too critical of the sketches or they are just too personal, either way it's just not going to happen. sorry. i managed to not delete them all so i have one to post. pictures of clean studio and progress ofart work to follow in time.

working on my postcards for solo show in july. i should have those to show off in a week or so as well. :smiles:

17 May 2011

back in business

so much to update and so little time. i'm going to stretch the updates over the next week to cut down on the length of this post. over the last almost two months my sketchbooks have gotten the only attention i could spare it it wasn't much sadly. but i'm pleased to announce that in july i have a show booked. exact date has yet to be picked, but i'm already working on the line up. this will be the biggest show for me to date with the most new pieces. i estimate anywhere from 5 to 10 new pieces. i'm ridiculously excited to say the least.

on the other hand, what i'm not excited about is the current state of my studio...

:sighs: the poor thing has been collecting dust and clutter for over a month. in the next several days i'll have to bite the bullet and reorganize the whole thing.

once my studio is back in shape i'll be able to work on pieces concurrently. now all i have to do is find a bunch of old dictionaries....

next post will be pages from my sketchbooks: eehru and aiko.

05 May 2011

Contined MIA Status

fyi, i will continue to be missing in action until after the 16th of May at which time i will be back to my old antics of picture taking of art making. until then i will leave you with this video in my absence which shade light on my own pup when she was young and just made me roll with laughter:

27 March 2011

show currently @ Cooper's

as mentioned before in a post i have a show 'Contours' up at Cooper's on Belmont in Chicago. here are the pieces:

©2011 Gabrielle Lizette DuBois
Figure Five
Acrylic on wood, 23 x 23 inches

©2011 Gabrielle Lizette DuBois
Figure Six
Acrylic on wood, 23 x 23 inches

©2011 Gabrielle Lizette DuBois
Figure Seven
Acrylic on wood, 23 x 23 inches

©2011 Gabrielle Lizette DuBois
Figure Eight
Acrylic on wood, 23 x 23 inches

also updated my website with these images in the artGallery section along with adding two upcoming shows to my list of shows.

28 February 2011

works in progress

experimenting with drawing on a canvas with charcoal. much more difficult then i imagined. this could very well be a lost cause for me, but maybe i'll push through and see where i land. i'm having a hard time getting contrast and depth without losing the pencil lines or strokes. i think my next step is just to give but on keeping the marks and just to get the contrast.

started this piece a few weeks ago now and it has lost my attention because of my excitement for the piece below.

my current love child. the plan is to do 4 panels total of four different people. this piece is my study and test for the upcoming four panels. i'm doing them on illustration board and I'll frame them in white frames without any matte. unheard of, right? i'm pretty excited. once they're done they'll be hanging out in a student health center for a while and visiting a conference in April with any luck until i find a more permanent home for them. below is a close up with a cameo from a set of worry bead which i made the other night.

23 February 2011

i am, i swear

i am doing art i swear. i'm just not taking the time to document with photos. hopefully i'll remedy that soon. i did however spruce up the look of the blog. thats gotta count for something, right? :smiles:

26 January 2011


just finished watching the "Exit Through the Gift Shop" documentary (http://www.juxtapoz.com/Current/film-of-2010-part-1exit-through-the-gift-shop) and i'm more than speechless. talk about a mind fuck. the movie is very simple and harmless seeming at first, but by the end you're left on your head not entirely sure how on earth you got there. how did things get this far? i will be chewing on this movie for days; it has made me question what i do, why i do it and more importantly how i do it.

sleep is going to be interesting to say the least.

20 January 2011

'Contours' @ Cooper's on Belmont

last week i hung four brand new pieces at Cooper's on Belmont. sadly i wasn't able to get any good photos of the pieces because of the weather (i normally take the pieces outside to photograph to insure the best possible lighting), but I did manage to get one photo. one of the four pieces had to wait until the next day to be hung because a hook on the wall was missing. as soon as the weather clears up and it's drier out i'll take individual photos of each piece.

i even remembered to sign the front of each piece which is a rarity.

currently i'm working on some commission pieces so as soon as they're done and the clients are happy i'll post photos.