30 November 2010


had an amazing night with amazing people at the gallery last night. i hung my pieces and then painted on the walls with some other folks. i stayed up far to late, but that's what happens when someone puts a brush in my hand and tells me to paint :grins:

i have 4 pieces in the gallery one of which is a sketchbook i've been keeping for the last couple of month. its hanging out for people to page through. i know you're not suppose to touch things in gallerys, but this sketchbook is the exception. give it some love!
more images to come in the next couple of days.

Website for the gallery:

poster for the show designed by yours truly:

Original Image:
"Hear Us" . watercolor on paper . 6.5" x 10" . 2010


  1. I love the poster. Congrats on the show.

  2. Thanks! If you get the chance come check it out. Getting the opportunity to see you is always the best.