10 November 2010

1st gallery show

you would think that i would stop adding things to my plate, but clearly my 20some years on this earth have taught me very little :big smile:

at the beginning of december i will be participating in my very first gallery show. the show will be a group show at Gail Floether Steinhelber Art Gallery. the show's main focus is highlighting issues of diversity. i will be showing some a couple of new paintings (which are in the works), some old paintings, a sketchbook i've been working on for the last month, some self-portrait photos, and a written piece. the show runs for two weeks (nov 29th - dec 10th) and there will be a closing presentation on dec 10th where our small group will present our written pieces although with a few other fun things.

here is a sneak peek of the sketchbook (whos name is eehru) i've been working on for the show:

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