30 November 2010


had an amazing night with amazing people at the gallery last night. i hung my pieces and then painted on the walls with some other folks. i stayed up far to late, but that's what happens when someone puts a brush in my hand and tells me to paint :grins:

i have 4 pieces in the gallery one of which is a sketchbook i've been keeping for the last couple of month. its hanging out for people to page through. i know you're not suppose to touch things in gallerys, but this sketchbook is the exception. give it some love!
more images to come in the next couple of days.

Website for the gallery:

poster for the show designed by yours truly:

Original Image:
"Hear Us" . watercolor on paper . 6.5" x 10" . 2010

22 November 2010

group show Nov 30th - Dec 10th


article containing info about upcoming gallery show and they used a photo of yours truly. thank goodness its not of my face cuz boy did i look less than stellar that day. haha.

10 November 2010

1st gallery show

you would think that i would stop adding things to my plate, but clearly my 20some years on this earth have taught me very little :big smile:

at the beginning of december i will be participating in my very first gallery show. the show will be a group show at Gail Floether Steinhelber Art Gallery. the show's main focus is highlighting issues of diversity. i will be showing some a couple of new paintings (which are in the works), some old paintings, a sketchbook i've been working on for the last month, some self-portrait photos, and a written piece. the show runs for two weeks (nov 29th - dec 10th) and there will be a closing presentation on dec 10th where our small group will present our written pieces although with a few other fun things.

here is a sneak peek of the sketchbook (whos name is eehru) i've been working on for the show:

08 November 2010

next to tackle

currently working on some pieces I started a while ago. time to clean out the studio by finishing up what i started. **

ball-point pen/whiteout sketches of the four pieces which are 23" squares

10" x 10" acrylic study

** EDIT: just confirmed with the bar owner and these four pieces are destined for my favorite chicago bar. with all the chaos and commitments in life right now i'm going to aim for getting these up on the walls thanksgiving weekend. its well past time i gave the bar something else to look at.

05 November 2010

sometime i feel like a rock star

as promised here is the piece that received an award (as a finalist) for a holiday greeting card contest. while the image will not be used on the greeting card the image will be printed on Chancellor's 2010 holiday party invitations.
this was the first real art competition i've ever entered. i never thought i would be so lucky to do so well on the very first one. i'm very grateful for everyone who has supposed me thus far. without my friends and family i would never have the courage to put myself out there.

'catch hope' . mixed media . 10"x14" . 2010