01 September 2010

I AM FEST: aug 28th @ the House of Blues

wow! what a day. i had a fantastic time. thanks to everyone who could make it and thanks to everyone who stopped and chatted and/or bought art. i met a ton of great people.

painting on stage at the House of Blues was such a trip. 30mins is not a lot of time to pull off a "complete" painting and i am happy with mine. i definitely plan on finishing this one up. here are some progress shots below:
@ 10 mins roughly
@ 20 mins roughly
after 30 mins and "done"

i was luckily in sharing the stage with two other artists, Corryn Jackson and Polina Zionts along with talented singer/songwriter/musician Kelsey Montanez. can't wait til next year!


  1. I came down with my friend from Milw and met you at the I AM Fest event - the red and white on your final painting are a powerful addition to your black and white females. Great work - sounds like a blast to have participated. Good to meet you then, and good luck as you continue creating.

  2. I really like this painting! Blows my mind you did that in 30 minutes!