26 September 2010

another poster

i'll post the original piece once i find a decent place to scan it.

21 September 2010

13 September 2010

oh poster design

prior to this weekend i forgot all the "joys" of poster design. i also forgot all the "joys" of being on a deadline which is not self imposed. but getting to the end feels great! having accomplished so much in such a short amount of time is just what the doctor ordered.

next on the artistic agenda is album covers! after meeting with a local producer yesterday, i will be creating 2 album cover mock ups to display at his studio with my business cards. tricks to this project will be getting glossy prints of the artwork and then figuring out the best way to present those prints which screams, "hire me for your next album cover". haha.

of course once i get those two pieces done i'll be revamping my website to include a new menu option, "designWork", which will include poster designs for bands and album covers. in time I may branch out to other forms of "commercial art", but for now i'm going to try to keep it low key and simple.

also for all those interested souls who stopped by my set-up at IAMFest and asked if i had sold my work online, you are in luck. i will be opening my online etsy shoppe sometime in November. i will be sure to give the heads up when i pin down the date of the grand opening. to start things off i will be offering a couple different prints of pieces and some original art. if you have any suggestions for what else i should offer please take the time to comment on this post and let me know.

and as always amidst all the aforementioned i still have the chaos of home remodeling, parrot squawking, pup escaping and of course not one, but several paintings in process. go big or go home, right?

and i will end this with some shots from my sketchbook, pico.

lots more pages to come....
(take two) ((day 11 of "100x100"))

01 September 2010

I AM FEST: aug 28th @ the House of Blues

wow! what a day. i had a fantastic time. thanks to everyone who could make it and thanks to everyone who stopped and chatted and/or bought art. i met a ton of great people.

painting on stage at the House of Blues was such a trip. 30mins is not a lot of time to pull off a "complete" painting and i am happy with mine. i definitely plan on finishing this one up. here are some progress shots below:
@ 10 mins roughly
@ 20 mins roughly
after 30 mins and "done"

i was luckily in sharing the stage with two other artists, Corryn Jackson and Polina Zionts along with talented singer/songwriter/musician Kelsey Montanez. can't wait til next year!