20 August 2010

up and coming

i would like to start things off by jumping for joy that the cat is GONE! the cat, house guest, left yesterday evening and while a small part of me was sad to see him drive off into the sunset a larger part of me was ready to break out the champagne. for the record though i would gladly take cat of Quincy again in a heartbeat. he is a magnificent cat and i dearly love my friend who owns him.

anyways on to the good "stuff"! turns out i will be painting live on stage at the House of Blues which i have been told actually is a huge deal. sorry to those i may have offended i'm not really up on the music scene so i didn't know. for the record though i'm glad i didn't/don't know. i'm sure when i get there and see the place there will be plenty of freaking out. oh nerves how i love you. but until then i'm going to pretend its no big deal and that i do this sort of thing all the time :laughs at herself: "Fake it til you make it" right?

August 28th is the magical I AM Fest day at the House of Blues. i along with two other artists, whom I worked with during the promo video shoot, will be painting live on stage during Kelsey Montanez's 30 minute set. i couldn't have pick a better person to work with. she is so nice and i adore her music, especially "I Sold My Soul". i'll also have a table layout which will include these brand new ink drawings i'm finishing up as we speak:

i should have other new work there too, but space is still up in the air so we'll see. i have a couple of new paintings in the works which i am more than excited to sink my teeth into in the next day or so. still trying to decided what i want to paint them on though. completely different style then what i normally do so be warned.

been sketching pretty much everyday for two weeks now. soon i'll post pics from my sketchbook, pico.

((day 14 of "100x100"))

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