08 August 2010

holy update batman

i'm going to try to make this "short" and sweet. updates are as follows>>

• paper doll update: i mentioned extremely briefly before that i was designing some paper dolls. i'm doing the project with a friend (she's the brains) and i have finally gotten my part down...well at least for now. if all goes well i'll have to make more dolls and many many more outfits. this is my first honest venture into illustration and its fun.

• art show update: two "shows" coming up. one on aug 28th at the House of Blues where i will have 2-4 new pieces depending on a lot of things. also there is a 80% chance that i will be painting live on stage while bands are playing. details are still up in the air on that one so we'll see. the other opportunity will be at MaZi although the date is unknown. i believe it will be sometime this month, but not entirely sure. the important part is that i will be hanging 4 new pieces there. i have all sketches done and i have all the kinks worked out in a test piece. now all i have to do it put the finishing touches on the wood panels i build and start painting! once the painting starts they shouldn't take too long because of all the prep i did. at last i was able to try out my new band-clamp which i am in LOVE with. now all i need is about 3 more of them along with about 30 more clamps and i can make multiple canvases at once!

• kitchen update: still slow and steady. i don't know if i mentioned this before but the new goal is to get it done by the end of august...here's hoping :crosses fingers and prays: on the exciting side though my cabinets are up and the counter top is in. currently the counter top is slowing being stained to match the existing wood.

• garden update: you may remember the excitement i had when my veg garden just started to show some growth. well after a mass slew of rainstorms which created a foot deep pond in my backyard i had lost all hope for the garden. a couple days after the pond formed i waded back to check on the garden only to find it withered from too much water. i was a little devastated, i'm not going to lie, BUT i ventured back there yesterday (yesterday was about a week after the pond dissipated) to compose some weeds AND GUESS WHAT?! most of the veggies are on the up and up! the cucumbers in particular are doing amazing. so need to add weeding veggie garden back to the list of things to do. also in garden news i hijacked 3 pepper plants and 3 pots from my mother's house and planted those today and placed them on my deck next to my potted black cherry tomato plant and my two potted mini orange plants. i think next year i am going to forgo planting a veg garden in the backyard and instead do a potted veg garden on my deck. much easier to control water and keep in eye on it that way. also the main reason it that my deck gets far more sun. think sunflowers will grow in a pot? :wishful thinking:

• website update: brushed just a little more dust off the website still a bit more dust to go. if you are the type of person who uses IE please please use something else to view my site for now. :blushes:

• house guest update: the last month and a half i have had my great friend's cat, Quincy, as a house guest. who would have that i would be so deathly allergic to one cat! i sure a shit didn't think that would happen. it took the entire first month to come up with the perfect recipe for fighting allergies which is as follows:
  1. vacuum at least once a week
  2. follow any cat touching with vigorous hand washing
  3. take 12-hour claritin and 12-hour decongestant at 7am and 7pm without fail
  4. drink more liquids than usual, have cough drops on hand and always know where the nearest restroom is
  5. wash cat with Aller-X (which you had to drive 1.5 hours to obtain) 1-2 times a week with your fella's help
  6. have your fella come over often to give cat needed attention and to prevent cat from meowing all night long in the room you have locked him in
  7. don't tell owner any of this (tehehe)
it has been quite the learning experience to say the least, but in all honesty Quincy is well loved here and i have the pictures to prove it!

((day 3 of "100x100"))

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