27 October 2010

routine attempt 62


i do best when busy. i also do worse when busy. where is the balance? i haven't a clue. every couple of months though i get it in my head that a simple routine will answer all my prayers and while that might be ideal i still have yet to completely stick to any routine for long. after reading the above article i am inspired to try yet again to find a balance through adhering to a daily routine.

this time i plan to make it far far simpler...too many steps make it hard to remember. i think in order to commit something to routine in such a way that it becomes automatic you need to stick to it for three weeks (i think i may have read that somewhere). i have many different things i feel should be part of a daily routine which leaves very little day left if i were to do all of them so i shall start with three things for three weeks. after i get those down i shall re-evaluate the situation and perhaps add three more things. to start off currently my daily routine constantly includes waking up at 6:30am to feed the dog, use the toilet myself, then let the dog out so she can use the outside "toilet".....and thats it.
I shall add: 1)washing my face in the morning (i think the act of washing my face in the morning with clean, cool, fresh water will refresh and rejuvenate me...right?), 2)drink a glass of water in the morning and at night, 3)sketch for 10-20 minutes before going to bed as a sort of cool down.

in other news: pictures of current kitchen remodeling, works in progress, holiday invitation winning watercolor piece and sketches are on their way and will be in upcoming posts.


  1. umm....not so well :blush: i manage to get one out of the 3, but never all three in one day.