14 July 2010

its offical..kinda

i'm slowly getting back on track. slower than i anticipated in some ways and much faster in others. i've been under the weather lately so getting anything done or even dragging myself out of bed in the morning is a real challenge. i was able to start work on the facial studies i wanted to do thanks to my photographer friend giving me the thumbs up to using some of his amazing photos.

i went a little overboard on laying out the figure, but once my hand had grasped the pencil it simply didn't want to put it down. of course the figure is a little wonky, but i do not want to get over critical at this point. this mini project is for the fun of learning and developing my skill. tomorrow i'll break out the paints and inbetween coats i'll finish up the paper doll drawings.

in more exciting new i'm in conversations to participate once again in the second annual I AM Fest. I AM Fest last year was such a great experience i couldn't imagine skipping out this year. many of the amazing people i meet last year wont be attending this year which saddens me, but i'm so looking forwarding to meeting new people and collaborating! this weekend they're shooting a promo video to highlight the artist side of the fest which i'm going to partake in (of course i'll post the video once its up). the actual event is the last weekend in august so its going to be a bit of a squeeze to get new pieces done, but i'm so ready to paint my heart out. sorry kitchen you're just going to have to wait another 2 months. :laughs: whats 2 more months after waiting 10 months so far?

well enough chatter. with all the painting on the horizon i'm sure you'll be "reading" a lot more from me.

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