02 July 2010

garden replaces art (kinda)

hello july! geez i can't believe its july already. i feel like summer just started and now its almost over. scary.

i am getting back into sketching, but since the sketching i'm doing is for a project with a good friend i'll have to keep those sketches to myself for now. instead i will show you some of my gardening projects! don't worry if you're not excited, because i'm excited enough for the both of us :winks:

here is my back veg garden!
as you can see i have three beds. the back bed contains: red onions, cucumbers, and sunflowers. the middle bed contains: green peppers, orange peppers, roma tomatoes, and black cherry tomatoes. and the front bed contains: green beans, edamame, sweet peas, purple carrots, and radishes.
i'm also excited about the black compose bins in the back. its my first adventure into composing. i even bought a little stainless steel compose container for in my kitchen from world market which i've already started using. it has a charcoal filter to eliminate any odors and so far so good although i'm pretty diligent about emptying the container into the compose bins often.

one of the other gardening projects i have going is this cute little deck rail planter full of little lettuce. i'm very much is love with it and can't wait until i can start picking fresh sweet lettuce to eat. the planter is located right outside my kitchen so i'm not likely to forget the food option.

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