25 July 2010


after weeks and weeks of messing around with my website i have finally gotten google analytics up and running and my excitement is unparalleled. in the end it came down to me redoing the menus without javascript which was on my list of things to do, but like most things i was putting it off indefinitely.

now for the exciting, crazy part. my very first two hits that google analytics recorded where on friday, but guess where they came from....?

BRAZIL! never in a million year would have thought that. perhaps there is a glitch in google or perhaps i have a massive following in Brazil. :giggles: well one can dream can't they?

24 July 2010

holy busy

i had a great time last weekend working on the I AM Fest promo video. the process was a little on the chaotic side and i ended up just having to "wing it" when it came to my part, but i'm excited to see the final. the video is currently going through editing and should be out the first week of august. of course, i'll be posting it here as soon as i get my hands on it, but until that happens i will give you a little peek.

in other news i updated the artGallery section of the website with the photos i finally took of the missing pieces i created in 2009. the painting below is one of the pieces i did in 2009 which was missing. it along with 3 others in the same series are currently up at Cooper's on Belmont. in the next couple of months i hope to be revealing a brand new series there so if you haven't gotten the chance to check it out yet stop by, the food is delicious.

in other other news i will be hanging 4 new paintings in the next couple of weeks at MaZi Dance Fitness Centre in Bucktown/Wicker Park. this will be my first time hanging at MaZi and i'm excited to work with them. i'll be hanging with another artist, but i'll have more information as the time draws near along with some sneak peeks/progress shots.

time to get back to cleaning and re-organizing my studio.

14 July 2010

its offical..kinda

i'm slowly getting back on track. slower than i anticipated in some ways and much faster in others. i've been under the weather lately so getting anything done or even dragging myself out of bed in the morning is a real challenge. i was able to start work on the facial studies i wanted to do thanks to my photographer friend giving me the thumbs up to using some of his amazing photos.

i went a little overboard on laying out the figure, but once my hand had grasped the pencil it simply didn't want to put it down. of course the figure is a little wonky, but i do not want to get over critical at this point. this mini project is for the fun of learning and developing my skill. tomorrow i'll break out the paints and inbetween coats i'll finish up the paper doll drawings.

in more exciting new i'm in conversations to participate once again in the second annual I AM Fest. I AM Fest last year was such a great experience i couldn't imagine skipping out this year. many of the amazing people i meet last year wont be attending this year which saddens me, but i'm so looking forwarding to meeting new people and collaborating! this weekend they're shooting a promo video to highlight the artist side of the fest which i'm going to partake in (of course i'll post the video once its up). the actual event is the last weekend in august so its going to be a bit of a squeeze to get new pieces done, but i'm so ready to paint my heart out. sorry kitchen you're just going to have to wait another 2 months. :laughs: whats 2 more months after waiting 10 months so far?

well enough chatter. with all the painting on the horizon i'm sure you'll be "reading" a lot more from me.

12 July 2010

its about that time again

its about that time where i can no longer put off working on art for the sake of my house or for the sake of my kitchen or for the sake of my garden. its do or die time and since i am making no plans on die any time soon it is time to paint once again. the main hurdle is where to begin? perhaps painting after a long hiatus should be treated in a similar fashion to how an athlete gets back into shape after an injury. maybe a gradual slow start is the ticket? with that in mind tonight i draw and finish up some design work a friend is waiting on (sorry KK!). tomorrow and thursday i'll paint starting with facial studies which will focus on color (assuming i receive the ok from my photography friend whose images i wish to use for reference). wednesday rest. friday prep for potential promo shot. saturday rest. sunday paint. now that thats etched in internet stone lets see how i do!

in other new i'm learning french...starting today. there is no time like the present to work on life goals. in this case one of my life goals is to become trilingual. how many languages do i know now you ask? one. i know, i know, i know. i have a long way to go, but the journey starts now. with that said i will leave you with this terrible sketch.

02 July 2010

garden replaces art (kinda)

hello july! geez i can't believe its july already. i feel like summer just started and now its almost over. scary.

i am getting back into sketching, but since the sketching i'm doing is for a project with a good friend i'll have to keep those sketches to myself for now. instead i will show you some of my gardening projects! don't worry if you're not excited, because i'm excited enough for the both of us :winks:

here is my back veg garden!
as you can see i have three beds. the back bed contains: red onions, cucumbers, and sunflowers. the middle bed contains: green peppers, orange peppers, roma tomatoes, and black cherry tomatoes. and the front bed contains: green beans, edamame, sweet peas, purple carrots, and radishes.
i'm also excited about the black compose bins in the back. its my first adventure into composing. i even bought a little stainless steel compose container for in my kitchen from world market which i've already started using. it has a charcoal filter to eliminate any odors and so far so good although i'm pretty diligent about emptying the container into the compose bins often.

one of the other gardening projects i have going is this cute little deck rail planter full of little lettuce. i'm very much is love with it and can't wait until i can start picking fresh sweet lettuce to eat. the planter is located right outside my kitchen so i'm not likely to forget the food option.