21 June 2010

playing around

sorry to say, but i'm still mostly tied up in house remodeling. i've been itching to revamp the look of the blog ever since i noticed blogger came out with a new designing interface and i have to admit i'm loving it. especially after taking a dip into the wordpress.com (mostly for work purposes) world and hating it. i do wish i could upload my own background images, BUT i can't really complain because they have so many options AND they allow you to edit the CSS which means i believe i could add my own background if i really wanted as long as i put the file on my web server first.

i'm going to let this revamp look stew for a while before tinkering some more with it. i like the clean look, but it just might need some more color. we'll see though.

if you haven't noticed i've started to add a few 'gadgets' to the panels of my blog. the one i'm most interested in pointing out is the poll on the right hand side.

until we meet again! ;)

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