27 January 2010

a typical day in the life of me

i saw this on someone else's journal and decided like those before me i needed to do it too because knowing how someone spends their typical day is incredible interesting to me despite the fact that it probably shouldn't be.

my typical day (which changes every several months for various reasons):

7:00am - alarm goes off. i scramble in a daze to turn it off before i can honestly wake up.

7:30am - second alarm goes off and i again scramble to silence the alarm this time knowing full well that if i don't set another one i'll never wake up again. so i of course set another alarm.

8:00am - forced to stop setting new alarms or hit anymore snooze buttons. my puppy is sweet enough to take it easy on me and politely licks my face to help me wake up. i slowly drag my sleepy self out from under warm cover to let puppy outside. i now less than 30 minutes to feed my puppy, put clothes on, do my hair, grab lunch and dash out the door...i never make it in 30 mins.

8:30am - driving to work...well more like 8:40am....or even 8:50am :frowns:

9:00am - arrive at work, on time if lucky. work like a fiend.

11:30pm - lunch with co-workers. would still be working like a fiend if they didn't drag me away.

12:00pm- back to work.

3:00pm - work rate drastically decreases due to lack of caffeine so have to get a pick me up.

4:30pm - everyone's leaving so i pry my fingers from the keyboard and leave as well.

5:00pm - home in time to let puppy out. check internet for far too long. make dinner for puppy. check internet some more. think about making dinner for me, but decide its too much work and go back to the internet.

6:00pm - hang out with friends or start to clean up around house since i inevitable leave a mess when trying to dash out the door in the morning.**

8:00pm - decide i really do need to eat and "make" food. after food is made sit back down in front of computer with food to watch some TV. once food is done continue to watch TV with sketchbook at hand in hopes that i'll draw a masterpiece which obviously will never happen like that.

9:00pm - play with puppy.

11:00pm - tell myself i should stop looking at computer and go to bed. fail.

12:00pm - force myself to look away for the computer screen long enough to fall asleep

Monday night = family night which translates as mom is willing to cook food so i eat real food and i get to do laundry for free uninterrupted. :heart:
Tuesday night = cheap-seats night at the cinema.
All other days are subject to whatever.

What do you do?

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