01 January 2010

so long 2009

hmm....i haven't thought much about the new year or the old year until just now. perhaps it's because i knew that i although i have literally covered a lot of ground i don't particularly feel like i've gotten anywhere. i know for certain that i didn't get nearly as much art done as i would have liked, so it's a good thing it's a new year. a chance to start fresh, make new goals, meet new people, form new bonds, make new and lasting memories. if i had to sum up 2009 in one word i would label the whole year as "trying". the word suits last year nicely for me as both the adjective form and the verb form. my one goal for 2010 is to stick closer to what i say i'm going to do. my one wish for 2010 is that the people in my life that mean the most to me stay safe and remain close to me.

here's hoping. :smiles:

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