03 January 2010

a little bit here and there

goodness i'm soooo bored. i thought having off for a month would be great, but i'm so bored and unmotivated. :sighs: well as unmotivated as i am, i'm still getting some stuff done.

this first one is a new sketch in a series i'm doing for business cards and post cards. it will be done in the same vein as this one i started work on earlier.

experimenting with painting on newspaper. didn't go quite as i imaged. the paper started to wrinkle a little the wetter i got it, so I need to refine my process. i'm thinking of spray fixing (or clear coat) the hell out of the newspaper after adhering it to the board before prepping the surface to paint with clear gesso.

new abstract painting i just started. wish i could be doing it much larger, but maybe next time. still trying to work out the colors.

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