05 January 2010

jobless no more!

oh my god i got a real job. my first real job since...march 2008 and by real job i mean one where i'm actually doing what i'm "suppose to be doing" which in this case is web development. working on lines and lines of glorious code. good bye boredom. hello whining about not ever having enough time.

so far in the resolution area of life i have drank 2 bottles of water, made no paintings, sketched for about an hour if that, stopped sketching to start a technical drawing (the first one i've done in YEARS), and went to the library where i grabbed an armful of books with lots of huge colorful pages to sketch from (oceanic wilderness, mushrooms, bonsai trees & 3 dog training book). hmm...after writing that all done it looks like my follow through is a little weak, but effort is being made which is a small step in the forward direction. and i'm super excited to crack open those book tomorrow to sketch from them. why wait until tomorrow you ask? well babysitting, overly playful puppy and boyfriend are amount the many reasons.

tomorrow, assuming i don't have to work, i'm going to lock myself in my studio for the morning to sketch and draw my eyes out. its going to be great....well its at least going to be good for me.

blah blah blah, now i'm just waiting time. ok i'll leave you all (and by "all" i really mean no one, because lets face it, i'm the only one reading this blog, hahaha) with the progress of my technical drawing from the day. so far i've used graphite and sharpie.

this shot is after 2 hours of drawing. i got almost the same feeling after two hours of intense focus doing this technical drawing as i use to get when i would run the mile. crazy awesome.

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