27 January 2010

a typical day in the life of me

i saw this on someone else's journal and decided like those before me i needed to do it too because knowing how someone spends their typical day is incredible interesting to me despite the fact that it probably shouldn't be.

my typical day (which changes every several months for various reasons):

7:00am - alarm goes off. i scramble in a daze to turn it off before i can honestly wake up.

7:30am - second alarm goes off and i again scramble to silence the alarm this time knowing full well that if i don't set another one i'll never wake up again. so i of course set another alarm.

8:00am - forced to stop setting new alarms or hit anymore snooze buttons. my puppy is sweet enough to take it easy on me and politely licks my face to help me wake up. i slowly drag my sleepy self out from under warm cover to let puppy outside. i now less than 30 minutes to feed my puppy, put clothes on, do my hair, grab lunch and dash out the door...i never make it in 30 mins.

8:30am - driving to work...well more like 8:40am....or even 8:50am :frowns:

9:00am - arrive at work, on time if lucky. work like a fiend.

11:30pm - lunch with co-workers. would still be working like a fiend if they didn't drag me away.

12:00pm- back to work.

3:00pm - work rate drastically decreases due to lack of caffeine so have to get a pick me up.

4:30pm - everyone's leaving so i pry my fingers from the keyboard and leave as well.

5:00pm - home in time to let puppy out. check internet for far too long. make dinner for puppy. check internet some more. think about making dinner for me, but decide its too much work and go back to the internet.

6:00pm - hang out with friends or start to clean up around house since i inevitable leave a mess when trying to dash out the door in the morning.**

8:00pm - decide i really do need to eat and "make" food. after food is made sit back down in front of computer with food to watch some TV. once food is done continue to watch TV with sketchbook at hand in hopes that i'll draw a masterpiece which obviously will never happen like that.

9:00pm - play with puppy.

11:00pm - tell myself i should stop looking at computer and go to bed. fail.

12:00pm - force myself to look away for the computer screen long enough to fall asleep

Monday night = family night which translates as mom is willing to cook food so i eat real food and i get to do laundry for free uninterrupted. :heart:
Tuesday night = cheap-seats night at the cinema.
All other days are subject to whatever.

What do you do?

10 January 2010


jobless and yet not. how you might ask? well i'm still asking myself. i was offered the job....almost a week ago and i haven't hear anything since.

been drawing here and there. i can't seem to find an end for anything piece i start which is starting to get on my nerves. i started a drawing yesterday with the hopes of it being a finished piece, but less than a quarter of the way through i got stuck, i should have stopped there, but no not me, i kept pushing and now it looks like this:

an interesting sketch/drawing, but not anything to sink your teeth into. i want to create teeth sinking art damn it. :sighs: back to sketching i go.

05 January 2010

jobless no more!

oh my god i got a real job. my first real job since...march 2008 and by real job i mean one where i'm actually doing what i'm "suppose to be doing" which in this case is web development. working on lines and lines of glorious code. good bye boredom. hello whining about not ever having enough time.

so far in the resolution area of life i have drank 2 bottles of water, made no paintings, sketched for about an hour if that, stopped sketching to start a technical drawing (the first one i've done in YEARS), and went to the library where i grabbed an armful of books with lots of huge colorful pages to sketch from (oceanic wilderness, mushrooms, bonsai trees & 3 dog training book). hmm...after writing that all done it looks like my follow through is a little weak, but effort is being made which is a small step in the forward direction. and i'm super excited to crack open those book tomorrow to sketch from them. why wait until tomorrow you ask? well babysitting, overly playful puppy and boyfriend are amount the many reasons.

tomorrow, assuming i don't have to work, i'm going to lock myself in my studio for the morning to sketch and draw my eyes out. its going to be great....well its at least going to be good for me.

blah blah blah, now i'm just waiting time. ok i'll leave you all (and by "all" i really mean no one, because lets face it, i'm the only one reading this blog, hahaha) with the progress of my technical drawing from the day. so far i've used graphite and sharpie.

this shot is after 2 hours of drawing. i got almost the same feeling after two hours of intense focus doing this technical drawing as i use to get when i would run the mile. crazy awesome.

04 January 2010

some changes

nothing like browsing through other artist's blogs to make you feel less than stellar and completely unaccomplished. looks like a good time for resolutions. i know you're suppose to think of these things before the new year has arrived, but oh well. i have recently found an artist in chicago whom i love and i'm going to be taking some clues directly from her new years resolutions from 2009 cuz lets face it, i'm lazy and why come up with your own ideas when someone else has do it better.

• make 3 paintings for every one painting in 2009 (trying to be realistic, 5 would be dreaming for me)
• follow through... wow thats a big one....enough said
• get in shape :: go running :: take puppy on a walk
• stop picking at myself, shit i look great stop worrying
• drink more water, start with a bottle a day (:goes to get a bottle to drink:)
• sketch all the time, or at least what feels like all the time
• stop reading about other people living and go live or at least paint

and done.

03 January 2010

a little bit here and there

goodness i'm soooo bored. i thought having off for a month would be great, but i'm so bored and unmotivated. :sighs: well as unmotivated as i am, i'm still getting some stuff done.

this first one is a new sketch in a series i'm doing for business cards and post cards. it will be done in the same vein as this one i started work on earlier.

experimenting with painting on newspaper. didn't go quite as i imaged. the paper started to wrinkle a little the wetter i got it, so I need to refine my process. i'm thinking of spray fixing (or clear coat) the hell out of the newspaper after adhering it to the board before prepping the surface to paint with clear gesso.

new abstract painting i just started. wish i could be doing it much larger, but maybe next time. still trying to work out the colors.

01 January 2010

so long 2009

hmm....i haven't thought much about the new year or the old year until just now. perhaps it's because i knew that i although i have literally covered a lot of ground i don't particularly feel like i've gotten anywhere. i know for certain that i didn't get nearly as much art done as i would have liked, so it's a good thing it's a new year. a chance to start fresh, make new goals, meet new people, form new bonds, make new and lasting memories. if i had to sum up 2009 in one word i would label the whole year as "trying". the word suits last year nicely for me as both the adjective form and the verb form. my one goal for 2010 is to stick closer to what i say i'm going to do. my one wish for 2010 is that the people in my life that mean the most to me stay safe and remain close to me.

here's hoping. :smiles: