19 December 2009


wow, its been way way too long since i've been able to pull out the paintings and go to town, but today i did just that. took pictures of the progress and also pictures of my new studio space which is slowly starting to take shape.

06 December 2009

more drawing and not so much shellac

back at the drawing board today working on art and making myself happy. sooner or later i'm going to have to put down the pen, the pencil, and the brush to get back to the real world, but right this second i refuse.

05 December 2009

remove shellac OR draw?

turns out this time drawing won by a long slide. started the day with every intention to work long and hard on stripping my cabinets of their shellac only to not do one bit of stripping. instead i got caught up in researching artists, redesigning business cards and then redesigning postcards which turn into let's create a brand new piece since i don't have a single image that i want to use as the postcard front. all in all the day was not suppose to end this way, BUT i'm feeling much revived and relaxed from working on art almost all day. :happy sigh: good thing too because this last week i had been getting rather short tempered with everything and everyone. just need to remember when that starts to happen again i need to sit by butt down and do some serious art to release.

first the initial sketch on a 3"x5" notecard