17 November 2009


i have a slowly growing stack of doodles. some ok, some no so good. the only thing i have time for these days are doodles. lots and lots of doodles and usually with a pen which is starting to really grow on me. but if i can manage i try to get up and grab a pencil so i don't forget how those work.

here is a pencil sketch of the groundplan of my new house. as you can see the living room and the porch are "empty" which in real life is not the case because they are full of boxes i still can not unpack due to kitchen remodeling still in progress. the kitchen is showing where things are going to go and the same with the bedroom as soon as i get appliances and queen size bed :big smile: maybe, just maybe in time for christmas my house will be in order so i will be able to go crop down my very own xmas tree.

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