17 October 2009

school and remodeling will suck your soul

true story. don't get me wrong i am very grateful for both school and my house, but honestly if you think buying a fixer upper is a good idea while going to school and having a couple shows to get ready for you are seriously mistaken just like me. :giggles: on the bright side once the kitchen is done then so am i! :crazy evil laugh!: all you need is one really nice room in a house and it doesn't matter so much that the rest is dilapidated. for me the one nice room has to be the kitchen because i love to cook. as soon as thats done i'm kicking all the tool out of the room that is going to be my studio and setting up shop! of course i'll be taking lots of pictures of my first very own studio once its set up (and the new kitchen too of course). the walls are still crap and a window needs to be replaced, but its still going to be amazing.

i managed to get one full photo of one of my new pieces which is currently up at Cooper's Bar in Chicago.

working on doing a mass update on my website. going to have at least four out of six new pieces up along with an updated list of upcoming shows. also will post some pictures from past shows in the miscellaneous section. turns out when you haven't updated in months it takes a long time! but i'm actually enjoying every minute of it.

note: i don't currently have the internet at my house so updating will continue to be sparse until i can get internet.

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  1. Bought a house! Living in it and remodeling it while going to school. Hacking C++ on Tu/Th/S and 2x4s on M/W/F. Sounds fun.