16 August 2009


currently working on commission triptych panels and started yet another new painting BECAUSE my favorite bar owner asked me to display my art in a couple of weeks. you know what that means? that means i need to come up with some new pieces that don't have nipples :laughs:

this is a sketch of the new piece from my sketchbook. originally i was trying to come up with a four panel piece hence the random four rectangles. scratched that idea when i saw how cool the whole thing was as one piece.

this is a napkin that i just happened to like the colors of so into the sketch book it went for safe keeping :giggles:

05 August 2009

too much time

...hahahaha, too much time my ass. life is as it usually is, not enough time and someone's always shitting on you. despite all that bad jazz i'm trying to keep my head up...or rather down to focus on creating new things. up late trying to finish some inkings but my hand is starting to cramp up so i'm going to have to call it a night.

i probably shouldn't post this until I get the chance to mail these, but i'm excited so i'm posting a photo. i'm hand-making thank you cards for each one of my friends who came to my first show. each card has a slightly different styled front (i forgot to take pictures of each before sealing the envelopes on most of them) and each card has a personalize message on the inside. remind me not to do this again...oh wait...i already started designing a new batch of cards. silly me. while the cards are time consuming they are kinda fun to do.