27 July 2009

silly contest time

browsing the internet i stumbled upon yet another little contest someone was having to draw their character. because i was trying keep myself entertain while talking to people online i decided to read about the contest and the character which the contest revolved around....and low and behold first prize gets $100USD!!! now, normal i have a rather negative view about these type of contests, but its amazing what a little $100 will do for the option of a poor soul. :giggles: so away i went researching and sketching like a crazy woman. i have never won a contest and to be honest i'm not all that likely to win first place in this one either, BUT i do need the practice! coloring, background, and drawing someone else's ideas are all thing i need to work on. besides entering a contest sure beats offering free commissions to get the experience...at least with contests if i don't make the deadline no one will know AND i get the pick and choice which contests i would like to try.

about the actually contest. the character is a dark elf/demon prietess woman who is every man's wet dream (now that i'm writing this out i realize my sketch will already have to be tweaked because it doesn't really embody that last part). dark skin, long white layered hair, green eyes, topped off with a demon tail. now i'm in the intial sketching/designing stage and working hard on trying to get a color scheme down...and failing...but its break time so i'm posting!

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