27 July 2009

silly contest time

browsing the internet i stumbled upon yet another little contest someone was having to draw their character. because i was trying keep myself entertain while talking to people online i decided to read about the contest and the character which the contest revolved around....and low and behold first prize gets $100USD!!! now, normal i have a rather negative view about these type of contests, but its amazing what a little $100 will do for the option of a poor soul. :giggles: so away i went researching and sketching like a crazy woman. i have never won a contest and to be honest i'm not all that likely to win first place in this one either, BUT i do need the practice! coloring, background, and drawing someone else's ideas are all thing i need to work on. besides entering a contest sure beats offering free commissions to get the experience...at least with contests if i don't make the deadline no one will know AND i get the pick and choice which contests i would like to try.

about the actually contest. the character is a dark elf/demon prietess woman who is every man's wet dream (now that i'm writing this out i realize my sketch will already have to be tweaked because it doesn't really embody that last part). dark skin, long white layered hair, green eyes, topped off with a demon tail. now i'm in the intial sketching/designing stage and working hard on trying to get a color scheme down...and failing...but its break time so i'm posting!

25 July 2009


i was looking up information about freelance and came across this little comic piece on the (freelance switch site). it made me giggle a little.

22 July 2009

week 5 of puppies

in random order all taken between day 35-37.

my favorite ;)


trying out something a little different and new. woman with clothes, arms and legs!....well an arm and a leg. i'm absolutely loving how i did the hair. looking at a bunch of art everyday seems to be paying off because i think the hair is a combination of a couple different styles i have be seeing other artists do. :big grin:

this picture is after i inked in the lines. i have already started to put some ink washing on it too and its not looking quite as good...we'll see i suppose.

19 July 2009

could be worse

this might be a temp posting, we'll see.

photos of the first card done! it got a little messy towards the end, but i learned and the rest should be better...sorry miles..:blushes:



there is something on the back of this card which i will show when i finish them all and take better pictures.

early start

shortly after i posted i got sick of waiting for sunday afternoon to come. i mean why should i wait? also the best way to hide is to hide in art because people who know you tend to leave you alone while you work. anyways i started the cards and i think they are going to turn out great which excites me. also got a few pictures to post panels and paintings started. i'm posting quickly and then going back to card making.

PANELS for commission!
detail of panels!

small study for a piece in which i'm trying to work in textures

18 July 2009


well here i sit and hiding...yes thats right i am in absolute hiding from those who have enslaved me to their will. here i sit and will continue to hide until at last i am free on sunday afternoon for a whole week to do as i please...or more realistically as i need to do...meaning commission work, card makings/mailings, further computer fixing and of course attempting to get one of my own paintings done. of course all this art needs to be squeezed in between puppy feedings and playtime. however i plan on insisting to wear my rose colored spectacles throughout my "week of vacation" (it will only really be lasting from sunday afternoon to thursday when i have to work).

in the mean time while i attempt to wait patiently for my "week" to come i have absolutely nothing to show. i have found neither time or energy to pick up a pencil and put it to paper save but to make mundane lists of things i need to remember to do in order to keep all happy until gone.

soon i will have ample photos to show of build panels, progress shots and of course puppies.

03 July 2009

sketch bookings

firstly more from the pages of my sketch book dealing with design work for the band, phat cats. these pages came before the image in the last post.

page one.
second page.

this nest page has just a bunch of random stuff on it. scary girl face, fish bowl, another cat, naked woman and a quick sketch of the panels i put together for the commission i'm working on.

and lastly this sketch is for a new painting i'm working on. i'm pretty excited about this one because i'm trying to work with modeling paste to add texture. against my better judgment i did show this sketch (allow with others) to my mother, who did not like it at all....oh well, i do! :grins:

band design?

playing around with designing a logo for the band phat cats. here is the most promising image out of the fray.