10 June 2009

I AM Fest show

for my first honest art show I AM Fest was amazing and such a great time. i met a ton of people (and boys :blushes:) and did a lot of networking which was fairly new to me, but also tons of fun. for example i met a very cool artist who's name is ((Jacqueline)). she just got her first gallery gig a week before our show so it gives me hope that when i least expect it my luck will change.

i still need to take good individually photos of each piece in their final state later, but here at some photos from the show:

working on set up

done setup

display of information

close up 'androgynous allure'

close up 'blue ribbon'

close up 'red ribbon'

viewer catch in action tipping back a cold one

so happy. the end.

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