24 June 2009

commission work

working on lots of art all at once today. crazy day. most important though is the pieces i was commissioned to do during my show. its going to be a three panel abstract piece in same vein as a triptych i did in 2007. i'm going to break out the big guns for this and paint in oils which i've been missing! the pieces are going to be done on masonite with the back framed out. each piece will be exactly 24" tall and 13.75" wide. the colors are to be dictated by a quilt which is in the same room the pieces are to go in. not sure if i'll do each panel a different color represented in the quilt or do them all in a similar color scheme with each one having one unique color all of its own.

the plan is to get the panels build and gessoed this week along with colored thumbnails okayed.

on an almost random note, someone remind me to sign each one of these panels before i seal them, please? :smiles:

sketch of triptic

scale drawing of pieces on wall

still playing around with which panel goes where and in what direction.

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