22 June 2009

becoming a midwife

its crazy here. cool, but not cool. i have to finish thank you cards to send to my friends that showed up to my show, need to finish application (going back to school), taking care of friend's dog who had 10 puppies (:chants: i'm getting a puppy!), need to take good individual photos of all my pieces from the show so i can post them here, need to do this commission i got during my show, need to move to a different state, AND need to start working on new pieces which i got ideas/sketches during my show. :sighs: little rest for the wicked. especially worried about hurraying up and starting new pieces so i have something new should another opportunity should arise, because i have learned you just never know.

so more about the puppi thing. my good friend's dog here in chicago had puppies starting monday the 15th at 4pm. we both rushed from work and i got the watch 8, 9 and 10 being born! it was amazing and further convinced me never to give birth myself. the female dog (hadie) had 10 puppies and lost one the first night due to clumsiness SO she has to be watched around the clock. i need to learn to stop thinking about the puppies all the time and get some work done. So here i am updating internet info, designing thank you cards, and coloring thumbnail sketches for a client. good times. lol.

Day 2!
proud mother with her little pups.

Day 5.
all nine of them are in there somewhere.

Day 5.
this little guy (or gal?) has a thin white stripe down the middle of his head and a spot on the side he's sleeping on so i call him spotted stripper :grins:

Day 5.
hadie (the mother) taken care of business.

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