09 June 2009

4 days left..

...holy, holy only 4 days left until the big day and the big day is getting both bigger and smaller at the same time if you can believe such a thing possible. the event is growing in size because the amount of publicity is going through the roof with air time on both radio and tv. however the event is shrinking because the people in my life i invited seem unable to go. so far i think only two of my friends are coming...the two which i gave my vip passes to. i thought i wouldn't be fazed, but i didn't think almost everyone would bail on me. hopefully next time will be better. :trying to think happy thoughts:

completely revamped my website! super happy with the change. i'm sure there are still some twiks to be done, but over all looks much sleeker to me. we will see what my official website critic will say tomorrow though. also typed up the infomation cards for each piece which will display title, price, etc. i'll save actually printing them along with more postcards til thursday or friday.

figured out the materials i'm going to need to purchase in order to get all my pieces framed/hung. i plan on picking up what i need either before or after work tomorrow. i was able to frame one of the smaller pieces tonight. also painted two of the frames black and will seal them yet before getting some sleep.

talked to one of the guys in charge and got a better idea of the space each artist gets. i might have to rethink my choice of pieces, but i'm not sure yet. i'm going to have to make up a scaled drawing to play around with how i'm going to hang my pieces. that might sound a little nerdy, but i'm rather excited about the idea because its been awhile since i was able to pull out my scale ruler which i'm in love with (just like my new palette which in fact does cleans up like a dream).

here is an in progress shot which i meant to upload several days ago:

frames i painted back and am now sealing first with gloss vanish and then matte vanish to get the best seal. also the mattes i cut out for each one.

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