10 May 2009


well so much for the once a week trial.

anyways, guess who has 13 frames? me! guess how much they cost? less than 7 dollars! found most of them at thrift shops and then the four largest ones i was able to pick up from the redmoon, where i am currently interning. it all comes back to knowing the right people.

i took the time to clean them all up but some of them are going to need a little extra lovin'. i'm going to have to paint a good deal of the frames, but until i have pieces to put in them, i'm going to wait to decide colors although i'm leaning towards black or white.

here are my new beauties:

(i was going to lay them all out on my bed and photograph them...but that didn't happen)

a list of sizes:
4 @ 5" x 7"
1 @ 10" x 14"
1 @ 11" x 14"
2 @ 12" x 16"
1 @ 12" x 24"
1 @ 12" x 32"
1@ 18" x 24"
1 oval @ 7" x 8.5"
1 oval @ 11" x 14"

now all that is left is getting canvases which are the right size.

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