30 May 2009

mass printing

my show is creeping closer and closer which scares the crap out of me because i'm terrified that i wont be ready. more and more people are finding out about the show; there are going to be a ton of people there. i just might die. today i told some of the people in the shop about my show and they promised to come. i am so grateful for their support, but they have never seen my art so i'm super nervous. of course i'm also unbelievably excited about the whole this too!!!!

tonight is print-my-postcards night. i was lucky enough to have a friend nice enough to buy printer ink for me since i'm still waiting for checks to come. after picking up the ink from them after work i pulled out the printer and cleaned it up...mostly (minus a huge sticky pool of ink inside out of reach). then went to dig out the postcard paper to print on and realized i had set the wrong margins when designing the postcard!! ah! 3 hours later here i am typing this blog while listening to the happy sound of printer. so much for going to juggle at the beach tonight. :sighs:

batteries are dead in the camera so here are the image files of the postcard:

i'm going to have to sleep all sunday to make up for all this staying up late and waking up early. still have a lot of painting/drawing to do too....oh and framing. its going to be a rough week. my goal is to have everything done by monday, june 8th. i really don't want to be doing this the night before like last time.

oh...and i need to update and revamp my website before the big day because theorotically a ton of people will look me up afterwards. :excited!:

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