30 May 2009

mass printing

my show is creeping closer and closer which scares the crap out of me because i'm terrified that i wont be ready. more and more people are finding out about the show; there are going to be a ton of people there. i just might die. today i told some of the people in the shop about my show and they promised to come. i am so grateful for their support, but they have never seen my art so i'm super nervous. of course i'm also unbelievably excited about the whole this too!!!!

tonight is print-my-postcards night. i was lucky enough to have a friend nice enough to buy printer ink for me since i'm still waiting for checks to come. after picking up the ink from them after work i pulled out the printer and cleaned it up...mostly (minus a huge sticky pool of ink inside out of reach). then went to dig out the postcard paper to print on and realized i had set the wrong margins when designing the postcard!! ah! 3 hours later here i am typing this blog while listening to the happy sound of printer. so much for going to juggle at the beach tonight. :sighs:

batteries are dead in the camera so here are the image files of the postcard:

i'm going to have to sleep all sunday to make up for all this staying up late and waking up early. still have a lot of painting/drawing to do too....oh and framing. its going to be a rough week. my goal is to have everything done by monday, june 8th. i really don't want to be doing this the night before like last time.

oh...and i need to update and revamp my website before the big day because theorotically a ton of people will look me up afterwards. :excited!:

26 May 2009

tons o' stuff

i must have misplaced my painting skills because today has been an up hill battle. i guess that's what i get for not painting in what has mostly likely turned into months.

i got this awesome new "palette" at a thrift store while i was visiting the family around easter and today is the first day i have put it to use. the "palette" is actually a glass plate! the slight inward dip is great because i like to work with lots of water and i'm always spraying my palette down. i am without a doubt in love with it thus far. of course the real test will be when it's time to clean my new palette, but i have high hopes.

next! i was doodling in my sketch book of course and a couple of doodles led to this little house which i am also in love with.

i found the perfect square piece of wood my landlord had thrown out the other day that begged to have the little house painted on and and thus far looks like so:

...to me the painting has lost all the charm the doodle had...which makes me sad. :sighs: i will try to revive the little painting, but it might just be a lost cause at this point because it is not going in the show.

also did some rearranging of the studio space again trying desperately to find a happy balance between relaxing bedroom and functional painting studio. most likely also a lost cause, but that will probably never stop me from trying. the idea was to find a space for the easel and leave it up and paint on it...but i guess i'm too much of a lazy arse because i like to sit and paint. so once again i ended up on the floor. on the brightside i managed not to get any paint on the carpet. go me.

lastly here is the stuff that i'm working on with thoughts to put in my upcoming show on the 13th of june. still slowly working on the same colored pencil piece. a little at a loss for the ribbon which too a turn for the worse/confusing when i wasn't paying attention.

also a painting of a dress form in acrylic on canvas. it is beginning to look a lot more morbid that i thought it would turn out. i guess that just shows you where my head is at these days. i've been wanting to try out doing more dark and deary pieces so i guess this is where it begins.

10 May 2009


well so much for the once a week trial.

anyways, guess who has 13 frames? me! guess how much they cost? less than 7 dollars! found most of them at thrift shops and then the four largest ones i was able to pick up from the redmoon, where i am currently interning. it all comes back to knowing the right people.

i took the time to clean them all up but some of them are going to need a little extra lovin'. i'm going to have to paint a good deal of the frames, but until i have pieces to put in them, i'm going to wait to decide colors although i'm leaning towards black or white.

here are my new beauties:

(i was going to lay them all out on my bed and photograph them...but that didn't happen)

a list of sizes:
4 @ 5" x 7"
1 @ 10" x 14"
1 @ 11" x 14"
2 @ 12" x 16"
1 @ 12" x 24"
1 @ 12" x 32"
1@ 18" x 24"
1 oval @ 7" x 8.5"
1 oval @ 11" x 14"

now all that is left is getting canvases which are the right size.