10 April 2009

slow going

had the past week and a half off and you'd think that i would have gotten a lot of art done, right? nope. hardly anything at all. i put the finishing touches on a few things which i have already posted and i started yet another painting which makes a total of 4 paintings started, but none finished. on a more sour note, i've decided i HATE acrylic on wood; it's no good. acrylic on canvas, fine, i can handle, but on wood, heck no! its like painting with glue. my friend said if i gloss the wood first i should be fine, but i don't quite believe her...i have glossed the panels...but i haven't painted on them since. i miss my oils. if i could find another artist to live with we could turn the whole living room into a studio space which would rock and may allow me to do oils once again.

anyways. here is a posted for my show in june:

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