06 April 2009


lets be honest, a BA in theatre arts gets you better much nothing. i have been looking into changing it up. i applied for an internship as a theatre which i very very much admire and respect, but if i don't get it then i think it might be the straw that breaks my back when it comes to theatre and art. i just can't seem to hack it in that world all by myself with no funds to support me. and so far the idea of finding man to do at least some of the supporting has fallen completely flat :laughs: i'm pretty surprised that the idea was ever in my head in the first place...i blame my last honest boyfriend for installing the idea in my head in the first place. ANYWAYS, i'm thinking about going back to school in order to get the training which will get me a job which i will be able to support myself on so that i can do my art. i would be going back to do computer science which was always my second love..in fact sometimes i didn't know which was my first in the beginning. i'm talking to an former professor of mine currently for some advise about universities, but the whole idea came to me about 3 days too late because all the deadlines to places i'm interested in were march 31 at the latest. just like my flight attendent idea came right when they stop hiring and started firing. :sighs: i guess i'll just have to keep mucking around in this thing we call life.

will post this after i find out about internship since my website leads to this blog...:winks:


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