11 March 2009


:giggles: I'm super excited! I just got asked to be part of what is going to be chicago's largest independently...ok I forgot the rest of it because I was too excited to listen to the guy after that :laughs at herself: Its going to be at the beginning of June and its going to be a 14 hours event with 24 bands, and a handful of artists being show cased. The venue holds like 500 people or something like that. Its going to be crazy cool this time. Good thing I've been painting a lot recently. Gotta be putting my best foot forward this time. SO EXCITED!!! :squeals like a little girl:

on another note which is equally exciting to at least me, i can juggle 4 balls. it just clicked the other night, one second i'm sucking at it and the next i'm rocking it. it was crazy. i got so excited about it i couldn't juggle at all. :giggles: i might be a little nerdy sometimes, but i'm still hot damn it! lol ;o)

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