31 March 2009

new attempts

updating everything takes so much time...damn....:sighs: Anyways, new stuff!

this piece was started as an art trade. the individual wanted "a person with black hair and very dark eyes, middleeastern-ish, andrognous, shadowy and shy..."
pretty much missed the mark on most of what they asked for which makes me think that i'm not cut out to do requests after all. i think i'm going to try to do one or two more before i completely shun the idea. especially since i already told a friend that i would do an custom painting for her...eep.

'androgynous allure' . graphite 5x7 . 2009

i drew on two different layers of transparent paper in an attempt to create further depth in a new way for me. it didn't end up like I was hoping, but I am still very fond of the drawing. in fact i think it might be going into my show in june.

here is a close up. if i even manage to get a scanner i'll be able to better quality pictures, but until then i will just have to make due.

and for something a little less interesting. here are what my nails look like right now. i'm at the beginning of week four in the struggle against nail biting. could be worse...actually it was a lot worse. see, i can have a positive attitude ;o)

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