28 March 2009

life, art shows & manicures

it has been too long of a week. work was super stressful and i almost walked out on wednesday which would have been a very dicey decision. i'm very glad it didn't come to that. i wasn't able to paint at all this week or draw. picked up a new book though and i've been juggling more since it has been nice out allowing me to juggle while waiting for the train or bus.

in a potentially fruitless attempt i have been actively struggling to stop chewing my nails for the last 3 weeks. throughout my life i have made only a handful of serious attempts. the driving force behind the current attempt is my new harebrained scheme to become a flight attendant. i believe being a flight attendant will pay more while also allowing me more time to work on my art. unfortunately to be a flight attendant you need gorgeous nails....so here i am getting a weekly manicure which seems to be doing the trick so far. regrettably i wasn't able to get my weekly manicure on friday after work like i usually do :big frown face: not quite sure if i'm going to be able to manage without the manicure through the weekend. the idea behind getting a manicure every week is the hope that i'm not going to want to chew my nails after i spent all that money to get them done in the first place. money is tight and i can't afford to be wasting it. in life it always seems as if you need to invest a little in order to get a little.

decided that i'm going to get my taxes done at H&R Block because i'm sick of the time suck. it has already taken me 5 hours to figure out my taxes in paper form...and i'm not even completely done with my state form yet. if i have to take another over 5 hours to figure out how to file electronically there will be no painting or drawing this week at all. i can't afford that to happen because i have a show to work on now. OH WAIT, forgot to tell! i'm in the works of talking with the owner of Cooper's bar in chicago to get some of my pieces up on the wall. i handed over the url to my website couple of saturdays ago and i'm going in this saturday to see whats up. there is a chance that he is going to hate the site and my stuff, but you have to take chance if you're going to try and support yourself as an artist, right?

ALSO i had the chance to talk to the guy who is setting me up with the show in june. here is the information i was able to squeeze from him:
I AM Fest: chicago's largest independent art & music festival
saturday, june 13, 2009
Congress Theater
why: celebrating 25 bands and 25 artist
just gotta make friends with the right people. sometimes it pays to have weird jobs...
more on that as i get the information. i'm going to have to design/print postcards this time for sure. i've very excited. i did make postcards for my last show, but didn't manage to get them printed out which turned out to be ok because the show was so small mostly ignored. here is the postcard i did for my last show and which will probably turn into the template for the show in june:

and the back:

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