01 March 2009

a mother load

facebook is not uploading my pictures very well...so i'm skipping all that and coming straight here. much to show today.

firstly i would like to introduce you to my current painting studio!
:giggles: i know, i know, not very studio like, but you do what you gotta do to get shit done. this is a very small corner in my very small room. i don't believe my roomie would like it if my painting mess was on display in the living room so i have done the best that i can in my own room.

next is the beginning of the painting based on the sketch that i posted yesterday on here.

next is a sketch of a new painting that i'm working on.

now this next photo is the canvas based and sketched on. i still have to pencil in the wall paper stripes that i am planning for the background of the painting. still have no clue what colors i'm going to use for the piece which makes me nervous, but my friend suggested i try winging it a little more so this is what i'm trying to do. work it out on the canvas and not in my head first.

and lastly is the pencil piece which i had posted a progress shot of earlier this month. as i said before i am quite fond of this piece even though its nothing speical.

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