16 March 2009

draggin through...

...the tough times. being dumped is one thing, but being held in a limbo of not know is absolutely terrible. sorry to all the guys that i might have done this to. i get it now.

ANYWAYS. there is always art to do. shit doesn't do itself like i keep hoping. i got a little done, not nearly as much as i could have gotten done, but a little. got the body pretty much done (maybe a few more tweaks). now onto the hair and ribbon.

now for a change in topic...
i've been looking for ways to build my own frames for sometime now since paying for custom framing it just not an option with my not existing budget. now with a show scheduled in a few month i became absolutely frantic! i came up with two kind of ok websites ([linkOne], [linkTwo]) which do a less than prefect job of explaining the task, but i think between the two of them and my scenic carpenter skills i should be able to figure something good out. HOWEVER, i did learn about what might turn into be the greatest invention since the paint brush, the band clamp illustrated below:

You can get them at homedepot for around $13 and they can do a frame up to 3'-6" x 3'-6" with easy, maybe even slightly bigger. homedepot here i come! oh wait...i have to have art to frame first...drat! :giggles: once i have more shit done or getting close i will be able to decide what's going in the show and then can start framing like a crazy. as the boy who i think is about to completely break my heart says, "Baby steps, baby steps". if life weren't so challenging i might not have anything to paint, just got to keep telling myself that...night world.

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