31 March 2009

new attempts

updating everything takes so much time...damn....:sighs: Anyways, new stuff!

this piece was started as an art trade. the individual wanted "a person with black hair and very dark eyes, middleeastern-ish, andrognous, shadowy and shy..."
pretty much missed the mark on most of what they asked for which makes me think that i'm not cut out to do requests after all. i think i'm going to try to do one or two more before i completely shun the idea. especially since i already told a friend that i would do an custom painting for her...eep.

'androgynous allure' . graphite 5x7 . 2009

i drew on two different layers of transparent paper in an attempt to create further depth in a new way for me. it didn't end up like I was hoping, but I am still very fond of the drawing. in fact i think it might be going into my show in june.

here is a close up. if i even manage to get a scanner i'll be able to better quality pictures, but until then i will just have to make due.

and for something a little less interesting. here are what my nails look like right now. i'm at the beginning of week four in the struggle against nail biting. could be worse...actually it was a lot worse. see, i can have a positive attitude ;o)

28 March 2009

life, art shows & manicures

it has been too long of a week. work was super stressful and i almost walked out on wednesday which would have been a very dicey decision. i'm very glad it didn't come to that. i wasn't able to paint at all this week or draw. picked up a new book though and i've been juggling more since it has been nice out allowing me to juggle while waiting for the train or bus.

in a potentially fruitless attempt i have been actively struggling to stop chewing my nails for the last 3 weeks. throughout my life i have made only a handful of serious attempts. the driving force behind the current attempt is my new harebrained scheme to become a flight attendant. i believe being a flight attendant will pay more while also allowing me more time to work on my art. unfortunately to be a flight attendant you need gorgeous nails....so here i am getting a weekly manicure which seems to be doing the trick so far. regrettably i wasn't able to get my weekly manicure on friday after work like i usually do :big frown face: not quite sure if i'm going to be able to manage without the manicure through the weekend. the idea behind getting a manicure every week is the hope that i'm not going to want to chew my nails after i spent all that money to get them done in the first place. money is tight and i can't afford to be wasting it. in life it always seems as if you need to invest a little in order to get a little.

decided that i'm going to get my taxes done at H&R Block because i'm sick of the time suck. it has already taken me 5 hours to figure out my taxes in paper form...and i'm not even completely done with my state form yet. if i have to take another over 5 hours to figure out how to file electronically there will be no painting or drawing this week at all. i can't afford that to happen because i have a show to work on now. OH WAIT, forgot to tell! i'm in the works of talking with the owner of Cooper's bar in chicago to get some of my pieces up on the wall. i handed over the url to my website couple of saturdays ago and i'm going in this saturday to see whats up. there is a chance that he is going to hate the site and my stuff, but you have to take chance if you're going to try and support yourself as an artist, right?

ALSO i had the chance to talk to the guy who is setting me up with the show in june. here is the information i was able to squeeze from him:
I AM Fest: chicago's largest independent art & music festival
saturday, june 13, 2009
Congress Theater
why: celebrating 25 bands and 25 artist
just gotta make friends with the right people. sometimes it pays to have weird jobs...
more on that as i get the information. i'm going to have to design/print postcards this time for sure. i've very excited. i did make postcards for my last show, but didn't manage to get them printed out which turned out to be ok because the show was so small mostly ignored. here is the postcard i did for my last show and which will probably turn into the template for the show in june:

and the back:

16 March 2009

draggin through...

...the tough times. being dumped is one thing, but being held in a limbo of not know is absolutely terrible. sorry to all the guys that i might have done this to. i get it now.

ANYWAYS. there is always art to do. shit doesn't do itself like i keep hoping. i got a little done, not nearly as much as i could have gotten done, but a little. got the body pretty much done (maybe a few more tweaks). now onto the hair and ribbon.

now for a change in topic...
i've been looking for ways to build my own frames for sometime now since paying for custom framing it just not an option with my not existing budget. now with a show scheduled in a few month i became absolutely frantic! i came up with two kind of ok websites ([linkOne], [linkTwo]) which do a less than prefect job of explaining the task, but i think between the two of them and my scenic carpenter skills i should be able to figure something good out. HOWEVER, i did learn about what might turn into be the greatest invention since the paint brush, the band clamp illustrated below:

You can get them at homedepot for around $13 and they can do a frame up to 3'-6" x 3'-6" with easy, maybe even slightly bigger. homedepot here i come! oh wait...i have to have art to frame first...drat! :giggles: once i have more shit done or getting close i will be able to decide what's going in the show and then can start framing like a crazy. as the boy who i think is about to completely break my heart says, "Baby steps, baby steps". if life weren't so challenging i might not have anything to paint, just got to keep telling myself that...night world.

14 March 2009

today's painting (part one?)

maybe i'll go back to painting so more, but i think i need to switch over to drawing now. i have a couple of drawings that I should show some love to because they are collecting dust.

i don't much like standing and painting i have found so i have been using my bed at my stool. kind of crazy, but you do what you have to in order to get shit done. but let me tell you its a mother fucking pain in my asshole moving all this shit around all the time. pardon my language, but i needed a little venting about it :smiles:

not even close to done. but on its way....ish....

this one i feel is on a better path then the other one, but it has a long way to go.


...i'm going to go do a bunch of art today right after i finish vacuuming my pigsty room. don't tell anyone. :winks:

11 March 2009


:giggles: I'm super excited! I just got asked to be part of what is going to be chicago's largest independently...ok I forgot the rest of it because I was too excited to listen to the guy after that :laughs at herself: Its going to be at the beginning of June and its going to be a 14 hours event with 24 bands, and a handful of artists being show cased. The venue holds like 500 people or something like that. Its going to be crazy cool this time. Good thing I've been painting a lot recently. Gotta be putting my best foot forward this time. SO EXCITED!!! :squeals like a little girl:

on another note which is equally exciting to at least me, i can juggle 4 balls. it just clicked the other night, one second i'm sucking at it and the next i'm rocking it. it was crazy. i got so excited about it i couldn't juggle at all. :giggles: i might be a little nerdy sometimes, but i'm still hot damn it! lol ;o)

01 March 2009

a mother load

facebook is not uploading my pictures very well...so i'm skipping all that and coming straight here. much to show today.

firstly i would like to introduce you to my current painting studio!
:giggles: i know, i know, not very studio like, but you do what you gotta do to get shit done. this is a very small corner in my very small room. i don't believe my roomie would like it if my painting mess was on display in the living room so i have done the best that i can in my own room.

next is the beginning of the painting based on the sketch that i posted yesterday on here.

next is a sketch of a new painting that i'm working on.

now this next photo is the canvas based and sketched on. i still have to pencil in the wall paper stripes that i am planning for the background of the painting. still have no clue what colors i'm going to use for the piece which makes me nervous, but my friend suggested i try winging it a little more so this is what i'm trying to do. work it out on the canvas and not in my head first.

and lastly is the pencil piece which i had posted a progress shot of earlier this month. as i said before i am quite fond of this piece even though its nothing speical.