22 February 2009

when the shit

perhaps the first of many. this is a test to see if regular blogging will help to keep me honest, devoted and consistent.

this question has been on my mind since it was proposed to me last night at a bar by a non-creative: How do i/you know when your art is done?
i had to honestly pause in contemplating only to reason a few seconds later that i haven't the faintest clue what my process is to declare a piece finished. since i have been out of undergrad and since i've been on a break from grad school i don't think that i've done enough art consistently to be able to know this about myself. while in school the decision was easy, the piece was done when you had to turn it in. as of right now i believe my "logical" in declaring a piece finished is my fear of over working it or the knowledge that i already have over worked it.

pieces that i'm working on currently:

this first one is for a trade that i have been lagging behind on for some time now. the effect that i was going for isn't work in the paper i'm using because its not as transparent as i thought, so i going going to have to re draw the whole thing which is sad.

these last two pieces are both designed to help me work on my coloring and also my colored pencil skills which are sad to say the least. i'm becoming quite fond of them even if they aren't "great" art.

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